S&D house extension in Brussels


Year: 2022 Project: Instead of selling the house and buying a bigger one, the project has focused itself on the optimization of the existing spaces and on the valorization of the property through the extension at the back side. The house takes profit of a new life! Photographs © Paloma Cabeza

F&S maison de Mâitre renovation

Cover 1

Year: 2022 Project: Total renovation of a maison de Maître in Bruxelles. Exterior renovation: new windows in molded wood, front facade has been cleaned and repaired, rear façade and roof have been insulated. Interior renovation: floors, doors, stairs, creation of 3 bathrooms. The plan is opened. The house breathes and let the light coming in. […]

M&C 3-sides house renovation


Year: 2021 Project: Total interior renovation project of a 3-sides villa in Brussels : the ground floor plan has been totally opened and the organization of the space reviewed. All furniture is internally drawn and made on measure. Photographs © Paloma Cabeza

Art-déco old house renovation in Dilbeek

Rénovation maison art-déco à dilbeek

Year: 2019 Project: Feasibility of a old house renovation study of a 4 facades villa in Dilbeek. A new relation between interior and exterior is created through some delicate adjustments in circulation, access and way to use the space. Drawings and visualization © Valentina Carrara Architects

Villa renovation in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

Rénovation maison villa à woluwe villa renovations

Year: 2019 Project: Villa renovation of a 4 facades villa in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre : no fear of closing an existing passage that’s not suitable anymore or opening a new one where the way was blocked. Radical change in circulation and way to use the space. Photographs @ Valentina Carrara

Valdor – house renovation in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

Rénovation maison valdor

Year: 2019 Project: House renovation: rear facade renovation project of a townhouse in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre. Because even rear façades have their reason to be beautiful. Especially with a Japanese Garden! Photographs @ Valentina Carrara  

Home renovation RR62

Énovation de maison totale

Year: 2020 Project: Total inside and outside home renovation project in Schaerbeek : front façade + rear façade + division of the previous 1 single family house into a modern building with 1 duplex and 1 triplex. Radical change in circulation and way to use the space. Photographs @ Valentina Carrara


Crocq 1

Year: 2019 Project: Rear façade renovation of an Art Déco single family house in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. The courage to use color! Photographs @ Valentina Carrara

Renovation of an Art Déco Brussels’s house with vintage furniture

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Year: 2017 Project: This house is a typical example of late Art-Déco architecture. The challenge is the redistribution of the interior spaces to meet the needs of the current inhabitants and the recovery and reuse of the old elements (chimneys, floors, stairs) and how these interact with the newly designed furniture and the vintage furniture […]