Where old and new meet

Hervé – 3 levels vertical extension – Brussels


This three storey Brussels “Maison de Maître” has the possibility to extend the building upwards.

This is a perfect example of how an old building can serve future generations: the raising of the building can make its division possible. The owner can then either transfer the property to the children or sell the new units or rent them.

This Brussels Maison de Maître has belonged to the same family for years and it has been handed down from generation to generation. The actual owner would like to make the next transmittal much more profitable. Through the adding of 3 new levels the house can be converted from 1-family house to 3 separate apartments. The adding of a lift is necessary to give access to the upper floors. Every apartment has a parking space, one in the building and the other 2 in the side building. The newly added entity develops itself within the 3 upper levels and is clearly marked through the utilization of zinc. This create an interesting dialog between old and new.

Status of the project:
Building permis not obtained

Drawings and visualization © Valentina Carrara Architects


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