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Monsieur S – 1 level vertical extension – Brussels


This building contains 16 apartments and there is a lot of renovation work to be done (common parties regularization with fire prevention, lift, separate meters, entrance of the building to be renovated). Sadly the owners do not have the necessary funds to realize all the works therefore the rooftop has been sold to an investor who will use it to build new properties. Thanks to the sale of the rooftop, the apartment building will gain 2 new apartments (with the benefit of seeing the common charges reduced) and will see the necessary works realized (with the benefit of seeing increased their own apartment value).

This is a perfect example of the possibilities offered by apartment buildings where the owners can sell the rooftop (preferably flat and in concrete) to an investor. This represents a win-win situation: the investor acquires a space that can be used to build new apartments and the other owners can get the necessary renovation works done, the common charges lowered and the general value of the building increased.

The flat concrete roof is a perfect situation to set the 2 new apartments entirely built in CLT (cross laminated timber) wood. The roof will be entirely isolated with benefit to the lower levels. The new entities are covered with zinc panels.

Status of the project:
Drawing the building permit

Drawings and visualization © Valentina Carrara Architects


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